Small alternative for PC

Android Based Software
Android WiFi bridge to Paradox Security panels.

Android App lets you communicate with most popular Paradox security panels. Spectra series (SP4000, SP5500, SP6000, SP65, SP7000), Magelan (MG5500, MG5050), EVO192, EVOHD.

ParaDroid app allows you to get Panel programming information of the most common options and values. Zone types, timers, PGMs, user codes, etc. Change and test it. You can see the Event List and Zone State. All on your phone. No need for a PC, convertors and cables, which should be used with Paradox™ BabyWare software. In addition you can put any of 32 zones on audio test. Phone 'tell' you 'open/close/tamper' each time Zone State changes. It really helps to repair detectors away from the keypad. External and easily removable 5dBi WiFi antenna let you test and repair Security System at long range. Especially helpful on the next floor.

All Base Options

Most needed programming options

Easy set and test.
No need LCD keypad.

You can download Event List, Zones State, PGMs, User Codes, Timers, etc

You can not program EVO panels, but can get most important information, like Event List, User Codes, Zones State, Expansion Modules, etc. Software works with a small-size WiFi-UART adapter, which you can purchase from the link below. Also, WiFi-UART adapter able to work as Alarm Messenger. It sends Alarm and Status info on the user phone over the Internet.

Work as Messenger

Extra mode

Adapter can send notifications.
Up to 3 user phones.

Adapter can send PushUp notifications.

User receive information about Alarms, Arming/DisArming, Troubles, etc. Up to 3 phones. Android or iPhone. Use third party software like Wirepusher or Pushover.